Serving the Southern Maryland Home Buyer

John MacBryde values trust when working with homebuyers in Southern Maryland, especially first time homebuyers. As a residential real estate agent in Southern Maryland, he understands that the process is intimidating and full of stress and makes it his job to carry as much of that stress as he can. In addition to dealing with paperwork issues, he makes sure to point out any potential problems along the way. With a background in commercial construction, John is familiar with all the details that could become major issues in the future of a building. He aligns himself with his clients, acting as their unofficial inspector and advocate, more than a salesman, to ensure they are aware of exactly what they are getting with their purchase. In this way, John’s clients have come to trust him.

John has been working with O’Brien Realty since 1996 and thoroughly enjoys introducing new residents and first time homebuyers to Southern Maryland. In addition to just showing them homes, he takes pride in showcasing the benefits and joys of life in Southern Maryland. And when it’s all done, he loves telling them “Here are your keys; now go home!”

John also takes pride in managing the Charlotte Hall office of O’Brien Realty. Most of the real estate agents that John works with on his team have also been in the Southern Maryland area for at least a decade and understand the personality of the area. They love where they live and they love to help others love it too, through their professional roles as Southern Maryland REALTOR®.   By working together as a family and team, John and all the agents are eager to welcome more people home to Southern Maryland!