Options for Sellers During COVID-19

Dated: April 3 2020

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All O'Brien Offices are Closed to the General Public in accordance with the Governor's Executive Order. Our current clients should contact their agent to make appointments, continue pending transactions, etc., consistent with the Order. Please contact an office for other inquiries. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

For our sellers - Your Listing Options At This Time

A. If you still want to sell:

1) The listing status in the MLS will be Active

2) Days on Market will continue to accumulate 

3) The listing will continue to appear on websites like realtor.com, Zillow, and BrightMLShomes.com

4) You can adjust showing requirements based on your current needs and concerns

B. If you want to "hit the pause button":

1) The listing status in the MLS will be temporarily Off-Market

2) Days on Market will pause and not continue to accumulate while in this status

3) The listing will NOT appear on websites like realtor.com, Zillow and BightMLShomes.com

4) Showings are not allowed in this status, but you can change back to Active at any time if you decide to accept a showing.

C. If you don't want to sell at this time:

1) Your agent will pick the appropriate status, either "withdrawn" or "cancelled"

2) Days on Market will stop accumulating. If you decide to relist, these numbers will reset after 61 days

3) The listing will NOT appear on websites like realtor.com, Zillow and BightMLShomes.com

4) Showings are not permitted in these statuses. If you would like to reconsider showing the property, speak with your agent about re-listing the property

On behalf of all our agents: thanks for putting your trust in O'Brien Realty. We look forward to serving you!

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